Variations on Grands! Biscuits

7 Oct

One downside of couponing is that I sometimes end up with a significant quantity of items I wouldn’t normally purchase. I try to be careful and only buy items I can and will use. So after recently purchasing 4 tubes of Grands! Biscuits, I came up with some creative ways to prepare them. Both are extremely simple, but offer variation from the original.


The first is a Chocolate Biscuit. I simply peel open each piece and fill it with a teaspoon or two of chocolate chips. Bake following the normal directions and you have a nice dessert!


The second variation is a Mini Pizza. Stretch and flatten each biscuit to make a small circle. Cover it with a little tomato sauce, cheese, and your other favorite toppings. Bake for the normal time and temperature.

My favorite variation so far has definitely been the mini pizzas. I have also tried stuffing the biscuits with cut up apples and cinnamon, but found that you need to precook the apples a little. With the remaining plain biscuits I’ve eaten them with peanut butter, spreadable cheese, jelly, butter, or just plain.


One Response to “Variations on Grands! Biscuits”

  1. roybot November 27, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    That mini pizza looks delish! Another idea for using up canned biscuits is homemade donuts. Pull one gently to form a hole in the center, deep fry each side in hot oil until golden and give it a cinnamon/sugar dredge. Dangerously good stuff!

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