Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume

26 Oct

I love the opportunity to dress up for Halloween. This year I decided to be the Tooth Fairy!

Last week I showed you the white tutu that I made. I put that together with a plastic crown, feathered wings, and a homemade wand.

To make the wand, I printed out an outline of a tooth on cardstock. I decided to add glitter, so I traced the outline with regular school glue and shook on silver glitter. To add some extra flare, I included ribbon. I hot glued the ribbon and the teeth to a dowel and ta-da:

The entire project cost
3 spools for tulle from Joanns: ~$8
A feather set of wings, on sale for 50% off at Joanns: ~$4
A spool of white ribbon: $1.50
A crown from the dollar store: $1

So my total cost was less than $15. I could have done better, but I’m glad I tried out making a tutu.

I’ll be rocking my Tooth Fairy costume around town this weekend. Happy Halloween!


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