Staying on budget by: Avoiding temptation

29 Oct

Every person has things that they like to spend money on. Each person finds value in different things and is drawn to get the newest of a certain class of items. For some people it’s electronics and for others it is eating out. For me, it’s clothes.

I love to buy new clothes and have new outfits. I’m not an ultra-trendy person, but I love to be “with it” and love to look my best. Since my clothing budget is rather small, and I’m also trying to save money for Christmas, I have to be careful about clothing purchases.

Every day I get emails from my favorite stores telling me about the great sales and deals going on. I want to stay on these lists for when I am looking to make a purchase, but I have to be careful for when I’m not looking to spend money. It’s easy for me to be dragged in by a good deal or large discount.

My budget tip for the day is to avoid temptation by staying away from your hot button purchases.

For me this means that I shouldn’t click through to clothing websites when I don’t want to spend money on clothing. I shouldn’t even look and tempt myself into making a purchase. For you this may mean something entirely different. The concept is simple, but it’s harder to control yourself. If you don’t want to spend on a certain item, don’t even allow the opportunity to arise. Avoiding temptation is just one way to stay on budget, which helps you keep financial health and helps you to afford the things you really want.


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