Salon Wall Pricing & Sources

20 Nov

Yesterday I promised a price and sourcing breakdown for my recently completed salon-style wall. Here it is!

Framed Flowers
My friend Julia gave me this quite a few years ago. It’s an original painting that she made on canvas. For this project I added the outer frame, which I purchased for $9. It’s the only piece that’s not behind glass.




No Fighting Contract
The tiny piece in the top right is a no-fighting contract between my boyfriend and I. It’s worked since we drafted it, so I decided to put it up on the wall. It reads: “We the undersigned hereby resolve to never fight again.” I owned the frame, but purchased the mat at $2.50.




Pink with Doodles
This is a creation of my two artistic coworkers. Ira made the colored background as a demonstration for summer camp, and Caroline drew on top. They gifted it to me because I kept joking about buying art from the campers. The floating frame was $13.


Victoria Street
This was an Etsy find that was too cheap to pass up. It’s a 4X6 print of an original gouache. Purchased from artquirk for $7 ($3 print plus $4 shipping). I also bought a frame for $5 and a mat for $1.50.




Blooming Recklessly
I love this print from oh my deer, which is a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke, “Everything is blooming most recklessly.” I love the sentiment, because I feel like that’s how my life is- wonderful, but often messy. This 8X10 cost a total of $11 ($8 print and $3 shipping). The frame was $15 and mat was $5.




Reading Outside
This print of a girl reading outside was found via Pinterest. The Etsy seller Elizabeth Mayville sold me this 8X10 “Open Book” print for $23 ($20 print and $3 shipping). The frame cost $12.




Lucky Elephant
Lastly, the Lucky Elephant was another Etsy find from meeralee. I loved the drawing and sentiment in this 5X7 print, so I bought it for $18 ($15 print and $3 shipping). I already owned the frame.


That’s my wall! I would like to point out that I purchased the art and frames over a significant period, in order to spread the costs over a few budget months. The frames were purchased at AC Moore and Michaels, and I of course used a coupon each time.

My total cost for this project was $122 ($59 in art and $63 in frames and mats).


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