Shopping Small & Shopping Local

23 Nov

I’m one of those people that believes your money is a way of casting a vote. Your purchases, since they fund certain organizations, lead to growth. I love my local city and want to see small businesses flourish. I know so many small business owners trying to make it work. Because of this, I think it’s important to shop local and shop independent.

Gift giving season is upon us and I am committed to spending a good percentage of my holiday budget on local purchases. I am trying hard to focus on the quality of the gift, instead of buying a large number of meaningless items. Due to that, I’ll also be making a few presents myself as well.

For certain things, like books, I’ll resist the urge to buy on Amazon for rock-bottom prices. I’ve heard absolutely terrible things about how they treat employees. Instead, I’ll order the same book through a local and independent bookstore. Even if they don’t have the in-store selection of Barnes and Nobles, they’re happy to order.

For another family, I’m going to put together a basket of local items, such as chocolates and beer brewed a quarter mile from my house. I’m going to stop by my farmer’s market to get items. I’m happy to share what I love about my town with other people that live a little further away.

One way I’m saving money by shopping local is by participating in American Express’ Small Business Saturday. Since I’m a card member, I’ll get a $25 statement credit for a $25 or more purchase at a small business that accepts American Express. I’m excited! It’s like getting $25 worth of stuff FOR FREE.

I’m confident that I can have thoughtful gifts that I feel good about through shopping local. And I encourage you to join me!


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