My Dressing Room Version 2.0

28 Nov

Be warned- this post is going to give you a little sneak peek into my messiness.

In my apartment I have two small personal rooms. One just has my bed and a nightstand, because that’s all that fits. The other houses my dresser, personal care products, and other clothes. I call that space my “dressing room” (Yes, I feel very posh saying that).

Following the makeover of my living room, I’m now focusing my energy in my dressing room. I have big plans for the space, but started with some organization and a fresh coat of paint.

With some hesitation, I chose a light pink paint. I absolutely love the color, and I figured this was practically the only time, and the only room, that could ever be pink. Even with my painting hesitations, I tackled the painting by myself on a day off from work.

In person, the room is definitely pink, but it’s not completely overwhelming.

Beyond the wall color, I also had some serious organization issues. One of the problems was a trunk that I had filled with sweaters. The only problem was that I never put everything neatly back. When someone confused my sweaters with a dirty laundry bin, I knew I was in trouble.

PS- The trunk closes! (and is kept closed now)


I did some rearranging of my dresser, and opted to pull the out of season items, notably shorts and capris. For $5 I got a bin to stash those under the bed. I also reorganized my shelves and put my towels, bathing suits and tights in the trunk, making shelf space for folded sweaters.

So far it’s worked out nicely and the room is a lot neater. Next, I’m going to add a jewelry wall!


One Response to “My Dressing Room Version 2.0”

  1. Liz December 3, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    I absolutely love the pink! Great job!

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