Holiday Decor

7 Dec

Since I love the holidays, I get excited about decorating my apartment to make a festive atmosphere. Today I’m going to share some of that with you.

My holiday mantel

I really like how my mantel turned out. I used green garland twisted with metallic garland to dress the top, with scented pine-cones interspersed. I copied the “Peace” letters out of some homes catalog. My letters were purchased at JoAnn’s during a big sale, so I ended up spending a little less than $2 per letter. I was going to paint them white, but I decided I prefer the natural brown color. The wreath is a live one from a local store, and the holiday stockings are from West Elm.

candelabra or menorah

The little menorah on the left of my mantel was a trash find from an old friend. For years, people would ask me why I have a menorah and I would tell them it’s a candelabra. I’m still not sure which is the truth, but I decided to put it out to spice things up.

Mini Present Garland

There’s not much to say about this garland that was passed down from my Mom. It’s made to look like little presents and I think it’s just adorable! I hung it in “swag” style with silver garland around some doorways.

handmade paper ornament

I wanted to highlight just one ornament on my tree that I made last year. It’s really simple to make, using just decorative paper, glue and ribbon. You can make one by gluing cutouts of the same shape together. In this case, it’s a teardrop shape. Just crease the paper in half, with the pattern facing in. Glue the outside, non-patterned, sides together. You can have as few as three cutouts or as many as five or six (depending on the size). I’ve done this in the past with other shapes as well: bells, trees, whatever you’d like. It’s easy and friendly for all ages.

What have you done to spruce up your space for the season?


One Response to “Holiday Decor”

  1. niki marie December 7, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Love your mantel! As a fellow nonprofit pro — I completely get needing to find ways to stretch your dollar. Looking forward to future posts!

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