Gift Wrapping Ideas: Part 2

10 Dec

This weekend I had the opportunity to try a few more interesting wrapping ideas on gifts. I’m almost done with my Christmas list and have just a couple people left to shop for!

Woven Ribbon Gift

On this gift I tried a woven ribbon pattern. First, I cut all of the ribbons to reach the complete way around, for both the short and long directions. I secured all of one set, using double-sided tape to hold the ribbon down on the underside of the present. Then I wove the other direction of ribbon, and flipped over the gift to tape the pieces down. Cool, huh?

Mini clothespin gift tag wrapping

I just wanted to show off my mini clothespin on this gift, holding the tag to a piece of ribbon!

Paper bow on gift

For this small package, I used some small, leftover scraps of wrapping paper to make a bow.

Paper Bow pieces

I’m sure there’s many ways to make the bow, but I cut pieces for each side of the bow, and then a middle piece to wrap around. I used double sided tape to secure everything down in the middle, and to attach the bow to the box. The pieces hanging down were great for addressing the gift.

Gifts Under The Tree

I love having presents under the tree! I feel like there’s already so many gifts, and I still have more to add.

For more gift wrapping ideas, visit my previous post or my Pinterest board.


2 Responses to “Gift Wrapping Ideas: Part 2”

  1. amandajocrafts December 10, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Super cute ideas! I particularly love the woven ribbon, and will probably be attempting it this Christmas!

  2. yagottahave December 30, 2012 at 1:29 am #

    What cute ideas. I’ll have to remember these for birthdays and other gifts. I especially like the woven ribbon! Very cute!

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