Champagne cocktails

31 Dec


Astoria Prosecco holding bottle

In advance of New Years Eve, I decided to try three different variations on sparkling cocktails. I absolutely love sparkling wine of any kind, and it’s always fun to try new drinks. For this experiment, I actually used prosecco, specifically Astoria Prosecco. Below are three different drinks with commentary from myself, and my boyfriend George.

Pineapple and rum prosecco cocktail

Pineapple and rum
This is a cocktail that I made up myself. I originally was just going to do a pineapple mimosa, but decided to add rum. The drink includes: 1 jigger rum, 1 jigger pineapple juice, and the remainder sparkling wine.

Lauren: This drink is fairly alcoholic. Maybe it is the type of rum I used, but even after adding more pineapple, it is still very strong. I feel like this drink losses much of the “fun” of a sparkling beverage

George: My initial reaction to this drink was “Wow, rum!” It was definitely strong, so after having our first sips we diluted the rest with more pineapple juice. Even after that, the rum was the dominant taste in the drink. I may try this again with less rum and/or using clear rum.

black velvet champagne cocktail

Black Velvet
This drink combines both beer and champagne. We used ½ a glass of Guinness and then filled the rest of the glass with prosecco.

Lauren: I feel like this makes Guinness better, but it is still a bit yucky (I’m not a fan of stout beers). I’m not sure about the flavor. This isn’t something I would request.

George: I’ve had canned and bottled Guinness before and feel that they fall flat when compared to Guinness on draught. This drink had a nice sweetness from the prosecco, but I’m too distracted by the bad bottled Guinness taste to enjoy it. I’d love to try this made at a bar that has Guinness on tap.

Poinsettia drink

For this drink we did ½ a jigger of triple sec, 1 jigger of cranberry and then filled the rest of the glass with prosecco.

Lauren: This was the best drink so far. I felt like you could taste both the orange and the cranberry, but neither flavor was overpowering. This is a nice sipping drink, and I would certainly serve it at a party. I think the presentation would be really nice with a cranberry or other fruit floating in the glass.

George: I agree with Lauren, I think this one was the best that we tried. The sweet and distinct taste of cranberries went well with the triple sec and the prosecco. I would use a tad less cranberry juice next time, as I felt it obscured the other tastes a bit. Overall, still very drinkable.


Final Thoughts
The Poinsettia was the favorite champagne cocktail we tried. Based upon this sampling, we wouldn’t add a significant amount of strong alcohol to our prosecco. Just a splash of juice or other mixer is enough to enhance basic sparkling wine.

Happy New Year!


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