Permanent Daily Journal

7 Jan

I am someone who has a terrible memory. In the past I’ve tried journaling to record my daily activities, but I can never stick with it. I saw some journal alternatives on Pinterest and decided to start off the New Year with one of them.

Supplies for permanent journal

The idea behind this note card system is that every day you write down a small summary of what happened on a dated card. So on January 1st, I had a surprise overnight visit from my two cousins. I wrote that down along with 2013. You continue this tradition year after year. So next year on January 1st I will get to remember what happened exactly a year ago, and will also add a new memory.

Permanent Journal in strawberry crate

For this project I bought small index cards, which cost under $2 with tax. I accidentally bought one set of unlined cards, so I need to get another pack of lined. I wanted to use a strawberry container to hold the cards, so I had to cut .75 inches off the long side so they would fit. I used brightly colored index cards as dividers for each month. I also made a skinny “bookmark” out of scrapbooking paper to keep my spot.

It doesn’t look super glamorous, but this permanent card journal seems like a big improvement over a longer diary. Since there’s only one line of space, it’s short, and should be easier to maintain. In addition, after this year, I’ll also be reviewing my life every day at the same time as I’m adding to a record. Let’s see if I can stick with it!


One Response to “Permanent Daily Journal”

  1. lightningjcb January 7, 2013 at 8:39 am #

    Best wishes in sticking with this, it looks wonderful and promising already! I’ve also got a terrible, goldfish-esque memory, but I think I’m going to use this idea, to help me study with my upcoming exams (also, keeping my notes condensed and somewhere where I shall not lose them). Thanks!

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