Winter date ideas | Outside of the House

9 Jan

This is the time of year where I get completely antsy. I enjoy having all four seasons, but summer is definitely my favorite time of year. In cold winter, I have to rack my brain to keep busy and avoid cabin fever. Here are some relatively cheap ideas for winter dates, or just hanging out with friends.

Winter date ideas Hudson River

Grab a book and head to the coffee shop
Sometimes all we need is a change of scenery. Head to your local library to pick up a book, and then enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea, relaxing on cozy couches. The bonus is that coffee shops have prime people-watching opportunity.

For the past year, I have been volunteering at my local food bank roughly once a month. It can pull me out of any bad mood, because I am so focused on the task at hand and how lucky I am. This Sunday George is going to accompany me. Check with your neighborhood organizations, like senior centers, animal shelters, libraries or soup kitchens, to see if you can help.

Cheap night out
If you do decide to go out, make it inexpensive. Head to your local college bar for happy hour and play darts or pool. Check specials online and eat out when there’s a deal for a large percentage off meals or drinks. Often places that are busy during the warmer months will run specials in the winter to draw you in.

GH and I Six Flags cropped

Local arts events and free activities
In my town I am clued into the arts scene, since I work in it. You would be surprised how many free activities there are every single week. You can often hear live music, or go to galleries for completely free. Local colleges may have inexpensive performances. Make sure you check the local paper or find a local entertainment blog to discover all of the free events out there.

Snowy day
If you can’t avoid the snow, you might as well embrace it. There are a lot of things that can only be done with it’s cold. Turn into a kid and go sledding, build a snowman, and have a snowball fight. Try ice-skating or snowshoeing.

Whatever you end up doing, don’t forget to enjoy the winter and the people you’re with!


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