Gap Rewards in Action

15 Jan

Yesterday George told you about how he earned over $1,000 in Gap brands rewards certificates. At first even I was skeptical of these “scheme” so I’m here today to share what we’ve already purchased with the rewards dollars.

In terms of very specifics (for people looking to duplicate this), the rewards dollars are dished out $250 a month, in $50 increments. So while in total George earned over $1,000 in rewards, this month he received five $50 certificates. When making a purchase you must charge some dollar amount back on the Gap card. So ideally your purchase will go just over the even dollar amount, but not by much. (For example, you couldn’t make a purchase of $49 because nothing would be charged to the card. But you could buy $51 worth of clothes, using a certificate for the majority and charging $1 to the credit card)

Enough with the boring details. Here’s what we’ve gotten so far:

Gap Rewards purchases

In addition, George also purchased a pair of shorts that ended up being out of stock. We’re not sure if we’ll be reimbursed for the rewards dollars.

So in total we’ve gotten:

  • 2 Women’s Gap T-shirts
  • 2 Cardigans from Banana Republic
  • 1 Men’s hoodie from Old Navy
  • 1 Men’s Gap pull-over sweater
  • 1 Michael Kors bracelet (out of stock. to be mailed in February)
  • 2 Pairs of socks and 1 pair of tights

We purchased many items that were already on sale and waited for a good coupon code to place an order. These items were being sold for a total of $365.95.

Using coupon codes and rewards dollars of $260, we paid $8.60 in actual money.(Which is 97.6% off!)

This is just the beginning. George is still expecting over $750 in rewards certificates over the next few months! Wahoo!


2 Responses to “Gap Rewards in Action”

  1. jgann22 January 15, 2013 at 10:59 am #

    Those socks are to cute:) I need to stock up on those for me & my daughter. Our feet are always cold!


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    […] Check back tomorrow to see what we have purchased with these credit card rewards! […]

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