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Clover Stamp DIY

27 Feb

DIY four leafed clover stampThe other day I was looking through my desk drawer, and I realized how many note cards I have. That’s when it dawned on me that I need to send out more letters or else I’ll lose the battle against my cards and have multiple drawers overflowing.

pencil eraser stamp craft diy

The next holiday I can think of is St. Patrick Day, so I got going on using blank stationary. I even already had green envelopes! I decided to make a simple heart stamp to use as leaves on a four-leafed clover.

how to carve eraser stamp

I found a pencil that had an unused, level eraser. I drew a heart design on the top, and then used an X-ACTO knife (I always thought it was “exacto knife”) to cut around the heart. It’s fairly simple to cut since there’s two straight edges to the heart, but just be careful!

st patricks day card diy craft

Fortunately, I already had a number of green inkpads. I used my new heart shaped stamp on those to make a clover design. I wanted the 4-leafed clovers to be lucky, so I just stamped four heart designs.

four leaf clover card

This was very simple, but looks so cute! I guess I’m ready for March!


Scalloped Felt Wreath

25 Feb

Scalloped Felt Wreath

The other day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired of the cold weather. I was near a Joann’s fabrics, so I decided to pick up supplies to make a cheery scalloped felt wreath.

materials supplies for wreath craft

I purchased 3 different types of felt—a blue, a teal, and a light gray. I got a foot of each, but since the felt is usually so long, you really could get away with much less. I also got a 12-inch diameter foam wreath, found in the floral section. I didn’t want to spend the money on it, but couldn’t think of a suitable alternative to make at home. For the record, this size foam wreath was $5 at Joann’s and $6 at Michaels.

I made up a template for the scallop pattern that I wanted. You can download the template here.

wavy edge felt wreath craft

For my wreath and template, I needed just about 15 cut outs of each color. If you trace out the pattern, you can put the flat sides back-to-back to save felt. I cut through two layers at once to save time.

felt wreath in progress front and back

I used hot glue to adhere the felt to the wreath. Don’t use too much, or it will show through! Work your way around, stacking the scalloped sides and gluing the edges on the back.

the last piece felt wreath

On the last piece, I cut the wavy shape on both sides of the felt.

scalloped pattern

After I was finished with the wreath, I made a simple purple fabric bow and attached to one side.

scalloped felt wreath diy how to

I absolutely love how this project turned out. It took about 2 hours, and is a happy addition to my apartment.

Attempted Tee-shirt Remake

22 Feb

There are plenty of people out there that are able to refashion old or ill-fitting clothing into something new and stylish. I’m not sure that I am quite ready to join that group, but last night I tried my hand at a t-shirt refashion.

tee shirt remake before

George had ordered two different sizes of a bargain bin t-shirt from Target, and didn’t end up liking either one. Since he didn’t return them in time, I got an opportunity to try my hand at restyling a tee into a racer back.

I found the one racer back shirt I own and used it as a guideline to trace on top of the smaller Target tee. I took great care to measure out each side to make sure it was even (the stripes were very helpful with that). Once I cut out the pieces, the arm holes were just too big. The shirt looked goofy, and I knew I would never wear it. In my haste to get the shirt off, I forgot to take a picture.

tee shirt refashion halter

I couldn’t just give up there, though. Next, I decided I would try to make it into a halter. I cut straight across the back. I used the extra back to continue two long strings from the top of the shirt. Too nervous to ruin the shirt by cutting the front neckline lower, I left it reasonably high.

I am not sure if I like this redesigned halter tee. I can’t really picture wearing it out, but I might change my mind for a hot summer day. What do you think?

Happy Birthday Balloon Card

20 Feb

Today is my boyfriend George’s birthday! Hurray! He is such a wonderful guy and really is the unsung hero of this blog—taking photos, helping with crafts, and being very supportive throughout it all. To celebrate his birthday we are both playing hooky from work and spending the day together eating out and exploring around town.

Happy Birthday Balloon card diy craft

I of course have a present for him, but I also needed a card. I decided to replicate a Martha Stewart craft that I have seen floating around Pinterest. You can find the original tutorial here, but I took some liberties with the design.

birthday card balloon front

I cut the base cardstock myself to fit an existing 5X7 envelope that I had around. I used a rounded corner punch to add a little extra flair. On the front of the card, I cut out a red balloon and tied embroidery floss around the base. I glued it to the card with a glue stick.

pieces of balloon happy birthday card

inside of birthday card half done

On the inside I had planned to do both a paper bunting banner in 3D as well as flat balloons. I cut out all the balloons, tied embroidery floss to them, and glued them down. To make the paper bunting, I scaled down the printout on the Martha Stewart tutorial. That was so helpful, but I was a little bummed they didn’t include an exclamation point! I think if I were going to do this card again, I would also tie the balloons in groups, because I think they look a little messy with individual strings. It’s too late now because I tacked down spots of the dangling thread with glue stick.

After cutting all the bunting pieces out, I glued them around more orange embroidery floss. Getting the paper bunting to pop properly was a bit difficult. Mine ended up a tad bit over-lapping. The trick is to “swag” the lower string a lot more than the top one.  I used regular school glue to keep the bunting attached to the card, and held it in place for a couple minute.

Happy birthday Card for George

While my card didn’t turn out exactly like the one from Martha’s craft team, I’m glad I gave it a shot. I know George will love the creative card and appreciate the time I spent on it.

Transforming White Sneakers

18 Feb

transforming white sneakers shoes

I have been on the lookout for new shoes and sneakers recently since many of my pairs are wearing thin. A couple weeks ago I spotted plain white tennis shoes in Target for less than $4, and decided that was a good enough deal. I planned on transforming them with fabric markers, and this weekend I was able to go through with my project.

coloring oxford pattern onto white tennis shoes

My design is based upon an image that I saw online to make the sneakers look like oxford shoes. Really, you could do any design you wanted. I used a gray fabric marker from Michaels for coloring, although it turned out quite blue. Before coloring with the fabric marker, I traced the pattern on each shoe with a marking pencil. Then I just went to town filling in the pattern.

oxford tennis shoes diy craft

I’m not sure these will become a new weekly staple, but they’re certainly going to be a welcome addition to my shoe rotation, especially in the summer.

My Valentine’s Surprise

15 Feb

I want to wrap up my Valentine’s posts by giving a little recap into my big surprise for my boyfriend George. Over the past couple weeks I made two dozen Valentines, each with a cutesy little slogan on it (see here and here for previous posts on the Valentines). I decided I was going to stash these notes throughout my boyfriend’s apartment, so he could find them throughout the day.

wrapped up Valentines

I wrapped each one in plain newspaper. This was just in case George stumbled upon the note before I wanted him to find it—at least it wouldn’t all be given away! My plan was to have one Valentine for each hour, so I marked a time on each wrapped package. One evening early this week when he was out for a couple hours, I hid all 24 Valentines in places he was unlikely to look, and kept track of each hiding place.

tweeting Valentines hints

To give hints for each hour, I scheduled tweets on my new thriftyginger account. They started just after midnight on the 13th. To explain the whole situation, I gave a card to George on Wednesday night when we were hanging out. I wrote a sweet note about how I love him every minute of the day, but I wanted to show it every hour (aww…).

Georges Valentines on the table

I feel like a bit of a nutter when I tell people this master scheme for Valentine’s Day. Honestly, though, I’m just happy to show my significant other how much I care for him.

George says now he has to step up his game. I don’t do these kinds of things because I want him to reciprocate, but if that’s the outcome, that’s all right by me!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did you keep it low-key, or have master plans like me?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Happy valentines Day thrifty ginger

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, celebrating (or not) in whatever way you see fit.


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