Cute Homemade Valentines

6 Feb

For Valentine’s Day I love to make cute little surprises for my friends and loved ones. Instead of expensive gifts or crazy dinners, I think Valentine’s Day is all about small signs of your love.

Today I bring you the first in a whole mess of Valentines that I’m making. I’ll reveal why I need so many different kinds later. For some of these I’ve also included a generic image to download if you want to print them off and make your own at home!

You rock pop rocks valentine

You rock, Valentine!
Pop rocks are so fun! This downloadable slogan is wrapped around the package and stapled.

bananas for you monkey valentine

monkey cutout pieces

Bananas for you
This monkey is actually quite simple to make. Just cut out the pieces as pictured and draw on his eyes, nose and mouth. The “I’m bananas for you” slogan works great with banana runts in a small favor bag.

 you make my heart bounce valentine

You make my heart bounce
A bouncy ball in a small favor bag makes this super simple. It’s a great alternative to candy for kids. Download the “you make my heart bounce” image here.

Youre the bomb rolo valentine

You’re the bomb
Three Rolos, along with a dark pipe cleaner make the “bomb” for this Valentine. I wrapped each Rolo in red paper and tied the whole thing together with another pipe cleaner. I used those sticky dots in the middle to help prevent shifting. This might be too expensive to mass-produce, but would be a sweet treat for your special hunny.

I chews you Valentine

I “chews” you
This is just a tube of cherry gumballs with my design tied around. Download it here.

you rule valentines

You rule!
Another non-candy Valentine is a ruler with this cute saying wrapped around. I used tape to keep the downloadable slogan wrapped around.

That’s all for today! I’ll have more easy Valentines later in the week, so check back!


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