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Winner of Earring Giveaway!

19 Mar

To celebrate reaching 100 followers, I announced an earring giveaway last week. Thank you to all of the people who participated by liking the post on Facebook!


This morning the contest closed, and I used a random number generator to select Jenny S. as the winner! Congratulations, Jenny! I’ll send you a Facebook message to get your mailing information.

Thanks to everyone for being a reader of The Thrifty Ginger. I hope to have more contests and giveaways in the future.


Bachelorette Party Box

13 Mar

I have two friends getting married this June. A bachelorette party is coming up for one of the brides, and I’m very excited to celebrate with her. Throughout the planning process she has faced a lot of obstacles and luke-warm people, so I wanted to get her pumped for her party. To get her excited, I mailed a pre-bachelorette party box.


To fill the package, I gathered up all the essentials: a little bottle of alcohol, pink nail polish, silly sunglasses, a light-up ring, and my home-glittered picture frame. Inside the frame I added a funny little drawing of all us party girls.


I also enclosed a card with “One last fling before the ring.” I even painted the inside of the box pink. So fun!


This is a great pre-bachelorette package to cheer up a bride. Now I can’t wait for the party!

Earring Giveaway!

11 Mar


To celebrate reaching 100 followers, I am happy to announce The Thrifty Ginger’s first giveaway: a pair of Coconut Craze Ditty Drop earrings.


I absolutely love supporting my local stores and restaurants, including Anchor No. 5 Boutique in Troy, NY. It’s owned and operated by my friend Petra, and she stocks loads of fun girly things, including products from Ditty Drops.


I myself have a Ditty Drop initial necklace, with a letter G for George (awww…). I’ve been wearing it stacked with a Tiffany bow necklace that I received for Christmas.



You too can own a piece from the Ditty Drop line by entering to win these white earrings. In order to promote the brand new Thrifty Ginger Facebook, you can enter the competition by:

Don’t forget to do both of those things to be eligible. I’ll close the drawing and announce the winner on Tuesday, March 19th at 8AM. This contest is open to all my readers world wide.

Thank you for being a part of The Thrifty Ginger!

My Valentine’s Surprise

15 Feb

I want to wrap up my Valentine’s posts by giving a little recap into my big surprise for my boyfriend George. Over the past couple weeks I made two dozen Valentines, each with a cutesy little slogan on it (see here and here for previous posts on the Valentines). I decided I was going to stash these notes throughout my boyfriend’s apartment, so he could find them throughout the day.

wrapped up Valentines

I wrapped each one in plain newspaper. This was just in case George stumbled upon the note before I wanted him to find it—at least it wouldn’t all be given away! My plan was to have one Valentine for each hour, so I marked a time on each wrapped package. One evening early this week when he was out for a couple hours, I hid all 24 Valentines in places he was unlikely to look, and kept track of each hiding place.

tweeting Valentines hints

To give hints for each hour, I scheduled tweets on my new thriftyginger account. They started just after midnight on the 13th. To explain the whole situation, I gave a card to George on Wednesday night when we were hanging out. I wrote a sweet note about how I love him every minute of the day, but I wanted to show it every hour (aww…).

Georges Valentines on the table

I feel like a bit of a nutter when I tell people this master scheme for Valentine’s Day. Honestly, though, I’m just happy to show my significant other how much I care for him.

George says now he has to step up his game. I don’t do these kinds of things because I want him to reciprocate, but if that’s the outcome, that’s all right by me!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did you keep it low-key, or have master plans like me?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Happy valentines Day thrifty ginger

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, celebrating (or not) in whatever way you see fit.


Creative Way to Gift Your Keys

13 Feb

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a creative way to give my boyfriend a set of keys to my apartment. I searched online for ideas, but didn’t really find anything I liked. Some people suggested hiding the key in food, and one of my coworkers had the great idea of hiding the key in a piñata. I ultimately decided to go with nesting presents.

thoughtful gifting of apartment keys

I started out with a small jewelry box and glued on what I thought was the perfect quote for the occasion: “Come live in my heart, and pay no rent,” by Samuel Lover. My printer decided it just couldn’t print anything because it was out of cyan ink, so I hand-wrote the quote.

nesting boxes gift idea

Next I wrapped that box in a slightly larger one, and that box in a slightly larger one, and so on and so forth. I think I ended up with 4 nesting boxes.

George opening keys box

I’m not sure George knew what to expect when I presented him with a large box on a random day. He dutifully unwrapped each layer, laughing incredulously as each box revealed only more boxes. He obviously eventually got to the keys!

I’m glad I thought of a fun and thoughtful way to gift my apartment keys to my boyfriend. Do you have any other creative ways to give someone a spare key?

Long weekend in Maryland

23 Jan

This past long weekend and into Tuesday I was in Maryland with George visiting our friend Dave. We spent much of our time hanging out at Dave’s townhouse and relaxing, but we also got to do some fun activities.

geochaching MD captioned

One morning after breakfast we went geocaching, which was a lot of fun! I found the container, which was rather large and had so many trinkets inside. I don’t think I’ll start regularly caching, but it was fun (and free) to  search around a trail for the right location.

The Capital For the Inauguration

On Tuesday George and I did some Washington DC touring. Let me tell you- it was so cold! I don’t believe it was above freezing all day, and boy was it windy.

Since it was so cold, we spent time indoors browsing Smithsonian Museums. We visited the Natural History Museum and the National Gallery of Art. Of course I loved that Smithsonian Museums are free to visit!

Goofing at Natural History Museum

We both loved the mammal exhibit and the amazing gem stones. I even pointed out some priceless jewels that would make great gifts!  🙂

It was great to see our friend and get to play tourist for a bit, but I am relived to be back home and back to my routine.

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