Custom Wine Glasses: Two ways

18 Mar

For my friend Ashley’s Bachelorette, we went wine touring. In addition to the party box I sent her in advance, I was also tasked with bringing a fun wine glass. Instead of buying a pre-decorated one for $15 or more, I made my own.


My initial idea was to paint “Bride” on the glass. I purchased white craft paint specifically for glass and ceramics. For the lettering, I printed out a design and taped it to the inside of the glass. This way I could just copy over the font on the outside, and didn’t have to rely on my poor handwriting.


Using this paint on the glass was a bit of a disaster. It had poor coverage, and ended up a little streaky. I did the best job I could, and then cleaned up the edges with a toothpick.


To set the paint, you need to cook it in the oven according to the directions on the container. However, to add insult to injury, the paint yellowed in the oven! I was a bit panicked since my plan wasn’t working out as well as I hoped.


Luckily, the wine glasses I got came in a set of 4 for $5 from Walmart. I needed to come up with something as an alternative wine glass. For my next try, I used scrapbooking stickers and gems.


Obviously, this version is not dishwasher safe. However, it was extremely easy and turned out better than the painted version.


On the day of the bachelorette, I gave the bride a choice of glasses and she picked the sticker version.


Coincidentally, the bride gave us all hand-painted wine glasses as party favors! For mine, Ashley used pink and black paint to put my name in freehand script and added polka dots. I love it! Apparently she used Martha Stewart paint. Ashley did a great job!

Even with Ashley’s successful wine glass, I’m still not sure I’m sold on ease of glass craft paint. I guess I’ll have to try higher quality paints next time.

Have you ever painted on glass? How did it turn out?


Easter Bunny Garland

15 Mar


Easter is quite early this year, and I have begun to get into the spirit. I started with a strand of bunny garland made out of paint chips.


First, I had to select my shape. Online, I’ve seen similar bunny garlands that look like peeps. I originally had this idea, but want to make my own design. Here’s what I came up with for my bunny outline. You’re free to use it in your Easter crafting.


For my paper, I used solid colored paint chips in pastel colors that I grabbed from Walmart ages ago. I also used white pom poms for the bunny tail. If you don’t have pom poms, you can use cotton balls, white paper, or maybe make the front of the bunny instead!


I traced and cut out all my shapes, and hot glued on the tails. I used silver cord from a past project and hot glued each bunny to the string.


Hung by my “fireplace,” the garland looks so fun! The colors go great with my diy proverb art.


I also added a terracotta flowerpot with plastic Easter eggs to my mantel to makes things a little more festive.


Now I just have to wait for the Easter Bunny to arrive!

Bachelorette Party Box

13 Mar

I have two friends getting married this June. A bachelorette party is coming up for one of the brides, and I’m very excited to celebrate with her. Throughout the planning process she has faced a lot of obstacles and luke-warm people, so I wanted to get her pumped for her party. To get her excited, I mailed a pre-bachelorette party box.


To fill the package, I gathered up all the essentials: a little bottle of alcohol, pink nail polish, silly sunglasses, a light-up ring, and my home-glittered picture frame. Inside the frame I added a funny little drawing of all us party girls.


I also enclosed a card with “One last fling before the ring.” I even painted the inside of the box pink. So fun!


This is a great pre-bachelorette package to cheer up a bride. Now I can’t wait for the party!

Earring Giveaway!

11 Mar


To celebrate reaching 100 followers, I am happy to announce The Thrifty Ginger’s first giveaway: a pair of Coconut Craze Ditty Drop earrings.


I absolutely love supporting my local stores and restaurants, including Anchor No. 5 Boutique in Troy, NY. It’s owned and operated by my friend Petra, and she stocks loads of fun girly things, including products from Ditty Drops.


I myself have a Ditty Drop initial necklace, with a letter G for George (awww…). I’ve been wearing it stacked with a Tiffany bow necklace that I received for Christmas.



You too can own a piece from the Ditty Drop line by entering to win these white earrings. In order to promote the brand new Thrifty Ginger Facebook, you can enter the competition by:

Don’t forget to do both of those things to be eligible. I’ll close the drawing and announce the winner on Tuesday, March 19th at 8AM. This contest is open to all my readers world wide.

Thank you for being a part of The Thrifty Ginger!

Jeans to Shorts Transformation

8 Mar

I am guilty of having items in my wardrobe that just sit there and take up space. A particular pair of jeans I own was ripped one of the first times I wore them because I fell off my bike (ouch!). They fit fine at the waist, and are a nice, dark wash.

ripped jeans remake

I decided to transform my jeans into shorts! I already have a couple other pairs of grungy jeans to wear during projects or messy outside work, so this pair was the perfect candidate.

diy cuffed shorts jeans

Since I wanted a folded-up look, I put on my pants and marked the length I wanted them to be when finished, and estimated where I would cut to roll the hem up twice. After cutting, I ironed and pinned the jeans at my desired length. I tried the jeans on one more time to be sure the look was what I wanted. I sewed a simple line with white thread at the top of the fold, using my machine.

transforming jeans into shorts diy

That’s it! This was a super fast refashion for jeans. I know I’ll get more use out of the shorts than I did the torn jeans. Now I just need to figure out what to do with two denim legs!

Glittery Picture Frame

6 Mar

easy glitter picture frame craft

Sometimes I start a project, and while I’m working on it, I realize that things aren’t going to end as I planned. That’s what happened last night with a picture frame improvement craft.

picture frame painting craft diy

I wanted to gift a friend a cute frame, and was very pleased to find an unused 4X6 black and silver frame stored in my apartment. I didn’t buy it recently, but at the time I got it for a dollar! It wasn’t in bad shape, but since I am going to give the frame to a girlfriend, I wanted it to be jazzy and fun. I originally intended to do pink polka dots.

polka dot frame fail diy

I had hot pink craft paint and used the back end of an eraser to make the dots. It did not work. The frame is enamel and the paint wouldn’t evenly apply, and the coverage was spotty. I tried to wipe it off, but it was too late. I tried to paint over it with white craft paint, but that was also was streaky.

craft picture frame glue glitter

Just about to give up, I went back to where I store all my craft supplies and found fine black glitter. Bingo! I painted the frame with Elmer’s school glue and tossed on the glitter. It covered perfectly and was so easy.

diy frame glitter repurpose

Now that I’m done, I can’t believe that I didn’t start with the glitter. It looks so fun, and I can’t wait to give it to my friend.

Stuffed Animal Duck

4 Mar

Currently ducks are my niece’s favorite animal. She’s one and a half, and I’m completely in love with her. In a couple weeks I’ll be out to visit, and I decided I needed something to give her as a gift. This weekend I made a simple stuffed animal duckie for her.

stuffed animal duck craft

I am a beginner sewer, and I haven’t made any stuffed animals since I was about 10 years old, when I used a book to guide me through the process. I browsed the web and found a pattern for a completely felt duck that I based my design upon.

pieces for stuffed suck toy

I traced out my design on computer paper, and selected my fabric. I had a patterned yellow print remaining from a fabric coaster project, and planned yellow felt for the wings and beak. My pattern was very basic, with two sides, and a bottom to add a little dimension.

stuffed animal sewing craft

To assemble the duck, I put the pattern pieces facing each other and pinned. I hand sewed the entire duck, which was both positive and negative. I had more control, but it took longer, and I occasionally had uneven stitches or knots in the thread.

Blanket Stitch fabric and felt

After the duck was almost sewed all the way around, I flipped it right side out and stuffed it with poly fill. I switched from thread to embroidery floss for the felt details. I used a blanket stitch (which I just learned!) on the felt beak and wings.

stuffed animal duck diy

I am pretty pleased with how this stuffed duck turned out. There are a couple things that I can improve for next time. For now, I’m just happy to have a great gift to present to my toddler niece when I visit!

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