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April Fools: Paper “Brownies”

1 Apr

With Easter so early this year, it’s easy to forget about April Fools Day. If you’ve completely forgotten, but you still want to “get” someone today with a harmless and easy April Fools prank, I’ve got the perfect idea: bake someone paper brownies.


All you need for this is some brown paper, scissors, an opaque cooking pan, and aluminum foil. Cut your paper into upper and lower case letter E’s.


Who knew making brownies (“brown e’s”) was so easy! Just stash your letters in the pan and cover them up. You might want to put something with a little weight on the bottom of the pan, like a dishtowel, just to give the plate some weight.


Now you just need to offer someone some delicious, homemade brown “E”s. It’s not your fault if they thought you said brownies.

Enjoy! Happy April Fooling.


Restaurant Idea Book

29 Mar

My boyfriend and I love to go out to eat, and we treat ourselves pretty regularly. The problem comes when we need to decide on where to go. Since I’m a vegetarian, and a fairly picky eater, it’s not always easy for me to try a new place without a little research. George, on the other hand, likes to try new things, and never has a problem with any menu. Tired of scanning through restaurant options on date night, I went ahead and created a Restaurant Ideas Book.


I did a little digging on Trip Advisor and Yelp to find restaurants we haven’t tried within a reasonable radius. I only included places with average or better reviews, and looked at the menus to make sure there were a couple options I was okay with.


I wanted to make a little book, so I planned out mock pages on plain paper. This allowed me to see how I wanted the book to flow.


After printing out my pages, I made an orange cover. To bind the book, I just stapled the middle. In order to make the cover a little fancier, I used matching origami paper around the “spine.” I would have used rubber cement as an adhesive for the origami paper, but I couldn’t find it and used spray mount instead.


For my creation, I divided up some of the suggestions into Date Night, Weekend Breakfast/Lunch, regular suggestions, and a special Bonus for an ice cream place. I did my page layout in Photoshop since I don’t have InDesign at home.

The biggest part of this project was researching which eateries to include! The book itself was very simple and printed on a home inkjet printer.


I already presented this craft to George and he was appreciative. I told him we have a year to try the 13 places listed. It should be fun!

Boyfriend Easter Basket Alternative

22 Mar


I remember the joy that I had every Easter morning when there was an overflowing basket of candy and toys waiting for me. Because of this, I always want to pass on special treats and candies for Easter. Instead of spending lots on candy to fill an Easter basket for my boyfriend, I decided to make a more meaningful gift. For George’s Easter present, I created  the perfect mix of candy and love notes.


I purchased Easter colored mini Reese’s Cups and small circular labels.


On each candy, I put on a sticker with a thing I love about my boyfriend, George. They ranged from his sense of humor to his love for his family. These labels fit perfectly on the bottom of each candy.


I used a Ball Jar to hold all the candies. Before I started writing out my notes, I dropped candies in to see how many would fit. For my jar, I could get about 25.


After each candy was labeled with a thing I love, I put them all back in the jar. I cut out a circle of paper to display through the top of the jar, and made a cute little label to go along with it. Tied with a ribbon, my Easter gift is all ready to go!


This “25 Things I Love About You” jar is the perfect present for a husband or boyfriend on Easter or any other occasion. It’s especially nice for guys with a sweet tooth, like George!

Clothespin “Mail”

20 Mar


Today’s quick craft creates a hiding spot for a short message on a clothespin. It’s a perfect way to send some love to your friends or hunny.

For materials, you’ll need a clothespin with a spring mechanism that opens and closes, as well as some paper, glue, and a fine-pointed pen.


I measured out the front “pincher” part of my clothespin. That’s where your miniature envelope will be. For me, I needed to cut pieces of paper that were .5 inches tall by .75 inches long. On the front piece I drew the mock-up of a letter addressed to my boyfriend George. On the other piece, which became the back of the envelope, I drew fake fold marks.


The idea is that when you open the clothespin, you’ll reveal the hidden note. Therefore, you need to cut the front piece in half. You will glue the pieces to the top and the bottom of the “pincher” part of the clothespin. On the other piece of your envelope, which looks like the back, you’ll flip it over and write your hidden message there. Since I wanted to glue my back to the bottom “pincher” part of the clothespin, I wrote my message on the top of the piece of paper.

I used simple Elmer’s glue to attach the envelope cutouts to the clothespin.


It’s just that easy! I’m going to mail my clothespin letter to George. I know it’s going to make him smile.

Haircut at Home

1 Mar

The other week I gave George a haircut! I know that so many other people cut hair at home, and I figured I’d give it a shot. Plus, I have cut some of my girlfriend’s hair in the past and everything turned out just fine. That’s pretty much where my qualifications end.

I thought the experience was mostly comical. I didn’t really do any “research,” like watching videos online, before beginning. George gave me a run-down of what his hairdressers normally do. Fortunately, George already had a clipper set, any we purchased a pair of haircutting scissors at Target for $8.

mens haircut at home before and after

In terms of technique (not that you should emulate it…), I used the clippers first to make the back and sides a little shorter. I cut the sideburns fairly short, and then swore off the clippers for a bit. I then just used the scissors to make everything shorter, which is all a men’s haircut really is. I spent the majority of the morning laughing and then getting anxious after I took a significant portion of hair off.

mens haircut at home diy

George’s hair wasn’t as short and trim as it normally is after a barbershop haircut. However, I still consider the whole thing a success. At first, I think all my yelping made him really nervous, but my final product wasn’t a bad haircut. No one made any negative comments on his hair, and trust me, I wouldn’t put it past our friends. If he asks, I would certainly cut George’s hair in the future. Ideally, I would do my work between his normal haircuts to save some money on less frequent professional trims.

What about you? Have you cut your own hair or anyone else’s?

Happy Birthday Balloon Card

20 Feb

Today is my boyfriend George’s birthday! Hurray! He is such a wonderful guy and really is the unsung hero of this blog—taking photos, helping with crafts, and being very supportive throughout it all. To celebrate his birthday we are both playing hooky from work and spending the day together eating out and exploring around town.

Happy Birthday Balloon card diy craft

I of course have a present for him, but I also needed a card. I decided to replicate a Martha Stewart craft that I have seen floating around Pinterest. You can find the original tutorial here, but I took some liberties with the design.

birthday card balloon front

I cut the base cardstock myself to fit an existing 5X7 envelope that I had around. I used a rounded corner punch to add a little extra flair. On the front of the card, I cut out a red balloon and tied embroidery floss around the base. I glued it to the card with a glue stick.

pieces of balloon happy birthday card

inside of birthday card half done

On the inside I had planned to do both a paper bunting banner in 3D as well as flat balloons. I cut out all the balloons, tied embroidery floss to them, and glued them down. To make the paper bunting, I scaled down the printout on the Martha Stewart tutorial. That was so helpful, but I was a little bummed they didn’t include an exclamation point! I think if I were going to do this card again, I would also tie the balloons in groups, because I think they look a little messy with individual strings. It’s too late now because I tacked down spots of the dangling thread with glue stick.

After cutting all the bunting pieces out, I glued them around more orange embroidery floss. Getting the paper bunting to pop properly was a bit difficult. Mine ended up a tad bit over-lapping. The trick is to “swag” the lower string a lot more than the top one.  I used regular school glue to keep the bunting attached to the card, and held it in place for a couple minute.

Happy birthday Card for George

While my card didn’t turn out exactly like the one from Martha’s craft team, I’m glad I gave it a shot. I know George will love the creative card and appreciate the time I spent on it.

My Valentine’s Surprise

15 Feb

I want to wrap up my Valentine’s posts by giving a little recap into my big surprise for my boyfriend George. Over the past couple weeks I made two dozen Valentines, each with a cutesy little slogan on it (see here and here for previous posts on the Valentines). I decided I was going to stash these notes throughout my boyfriend’s apartment, so he could find them throughout the day.

wrapped up Valentines

I wrapped each one in plain newspaper. This was just in case George stumbled upon the note before I wanted him to find it—at least it wouldn’t all be given away! My plan was to have one Valentine for each hour, so I marked a time on each wrapped package. One evening early this week when he was out for a couple hours, I hid all 24 Valentines in places he was unlikely to look, and kept track of each hiding place.

tweeting Valentines hints

To give hints for each hour, I scheduled tweets on my new thriftyginger account. They started just after midnight on the 13th. To explain the whole situation, I gave a card to George on Wednesday night when we were hanging out. I wrote a sweet note about how I love him every minute of the day, but I wanted to show it every hour (aww…).

Georges Valentines on the table

I feel like a bit of a nutter when I tell people this master scheme for Valentine’s Day. Honestly, though, I’m just happy to show my significant other how much I care for him.

George says now he has to step up his game. I don’t do these kinds of things because I want him to reciprocate, but if that’s the outcome, that’s all right by me!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did you keep it low-key, or have master plans like me?

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