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Restaurant Idea Book

29 Mar

My boyfriend and I love to go out to eat, and we treat ourselves pretty regularly. The problem comes when we need to decide on where to go. Since I’m a vegetarian, and a fairly picky eater, it’s not always easy for me to try a new place without a little research. George, on the other hand, likes to try new things, and never has a problem with any menu. Tired of scanning through restaurant options on date night, I went ahead and created a Restaurant Ideas Book.


I did a little digging on Trip Advisor and Yelp to find restaurants we haven’t tried within a reasonable radius. I only included places with average or better reviews, and looked at the menus to make sure there were a couple options I was okay with.


I wanted to make a little book, so I planned out mock pages on plain paper. This allowed me to see how I wanted the book to flow.


After printing out my pages, I made an orange cover. To bind the book, I just stapled the middle. In order to make the cover a little fancier, I used matching origami paper around the “spine.” I would have used rubber cement as an adhesive for the origami paper, but I couldn’t find it and used spray mount instead.


For my creation, I divided up some of the suggestions into Date Night, Weekend Breakfast/Lunch, regular suggestions, and a special Bonus for an ice cream place. I did my page layout in Photoshop since I don’t have InDesign at home.

The biggest part of this project was researching which eateries to include! The book itself was very simple and printed on a home inkjet printer.


I already presented this craft to George and he was appreciative. I told him we have a year to try the 13 places listed. It should be fun!


Giant Frame Find

4 Jan

This past weekend I was in Michaels looking for materials for an upcoming project. I of course browsed the clearance section to see what was available and noticed a beautiful frame.

giant frame in store Michaels

I’m sure I can figure out something…I think!

It’s a 28 X 40 frame, and based upon the label, it was supposed to be for a custom framing job. It was marked for $8!

I went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to buy the frame. I thought $8 was an awesome deal for this huge and beautiful dark brown frame, but I don’t have any immediate craft projects for it!

In the end, I got it. The frame was eligible for a coupon, so it was $5.18 with tax. I’ve been browsing around for some ideas, and here is my large frame inspiration so far:

What do you think? I’m leaning towards mounting the large frame and putting smaller frames within (number 2 on the inspiration board), but I’ve been wanting to do some sort of easily-updated photo wall, like 3 or 4, too.

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