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Winner of Earring Giveaway!

19 Mar

To celebrate reaching 100 followers, I announced an earring giveaway last week. Thank you to all of the people who participated by liking the post on Facebook!


This morning the contest closed, and I used a random number generator to select Jenny S. as the winner! Congratulations, Jenny! I’ll send you a Facebook message to get your mailing information.

Thanks to everyone for being a reader of The Thrifty Ginger. I hope to have more contests and giveaways in the future.


Earring Giveaway!

11 Mar


To celebrate reaching 100 followers, I am happy to announce The Thrifty Ginger’s first giveaway: a pair of Coconut Craze Ditty Drop earrings.


I absolutely love supporting my local stores and restaurants, including Anchor No. 5 Boutique in Troy, NY. It’s owned and operated by my friend Petra, and she stocks loads of fun girly things, including products from Ditty Drops.


I myself have a Ditty Drop initial necklace, with a letter G for George (awww…). I’ve been wearing it stacked with a Tiffany bow necklace that I received for Christmas.



You too can own a piece from the Ditty Drop line by entering to win these white earrings. In order to promote the brand new Thrifty Ginger Facebook, you can enter the competition by:

Don’t forget to do both of those things to be eligible. I’ll close the drawing and announce the winner on Tuesday, March 19th at 8AM. This contest is open to all my readers world wide.

Thank you for being a part of The Thrifty Ginger!

Wrapped Glass Bottles

21 Jan

Wrapped Glass Bottles

I am still working on making my jewelry storage wall. Part of it will obviously need to store and display bracelets. To handle that task, I decided to make wrapped bottles.

bottles with peeled labels

I collected four bottles of slightly varied shapes. Before I got started, I removed as much of the labels as possible. I started to get really crazy trying to get the labels completely off, soaking them and using Goo Gone, before realizing that it wasn’t necessary for this project. Just do the best you can removing loose labels.

Metallic Cord

Deciding on what to wrap the bottles with was a bit of a challenge. I wanted something that would cover well, but that was sturdy and not super fuzzy. I ended up finding plastic canvas cord at Michael. It was $2 for 27 yards, which covered 1-2 bottles, depending on the size and shape.

Wrapping a glass bottle

To adhere the cord to the bottle I used hot glue. I started with a dot at the top and twisted the bottle to wrap the cord around. I would occasionally add more dots of hot glue to keep everything in place. It certainly wasn’t difficult, but you need to keep twisting and keep the slack tight. I would also suggest that you make sure your cord is completely tangle-free before beginning the covering process.

Wrapped bottles for bracelets

There you have it! This craft took about 1.5 hours in total time, although I probably could have done it faster. I’m really happy on how the metallic cord looks. I think it will be great to hold my bracelets! Now I just need to assemble this whole storage system. Eek!

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