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Boyfriend Easter Basket Alternative

22 Mar


I remember the joy that I had every Easter morning when there was an overflowing basket of candy and toys waiting for me. Because of this, I always want to pass on special treats and candies for Easter. Instead of spending lots on candy to fill an Easter basket for my boyfriend, I decided to make a more meaningful gift. For George’s Easter present, I created  the perfect mix of candy and love notes.


I purchased Easter colored mini Reese’s Cups and small circular labels.


On each candy, I put on a sticker with a thing I love about my boyfriend, George. They ranged from his sense of humor to his love for his family. These labels fit perfectly on the bottom of each candy.


I used a Ball Jar to hold all the candies. Before I started writing out my notes, I dropped candies in to see how many would fit. For my jar, I could get about 25.


After each candy was labeled with a thing I love, I put them all back in the jar. I cut out a circle of paper to display through the top of the jar, and made a cute little label to go along with it. Tied with a ribbon, my Easter gift is all ready to go!


This “25 Things I Love About You” jar is the perfect present for a husband or boyfriend on Easter or any other occasion. It’s especially nice for guys with a sweet tooth, like George!


Clothespin “Mail”

20 Mar


Today’s quick craft creates a hiding spot for a short message on a clothespin. It’s a perfect way to send some love to your friends or hunny.

For materials, you’ll need a clothespin with a spring mechanism that opens and closes, as well as some paper, glue, and a fine-pointed pen.


I measured out the front “pincher” part of my clothespin. That’s where your miniature envelope will be. For me, I needed to cut pieces of paper that were .5 inches tall by .75 inches long. On the front piece I drew the mock-up of a letter addressed to my boyfriend George. On the other piece, which became the back of the envelope, I drew fake fold marks.


The idea is that when you open the clothespin, you’ll reveal the hidden note. Therefore, you need to cut the front piece in half. You will glue the pieces to the top and the bottom of the “pincher” part of the clothespin. On the other piece of your envelope, which looks like the back, you’ll flip it over and write your hidden message there. Since I wanted to glue my back to the bottom “pincher” part of the clothespin, I wrote my message on the top of the piece of paper.

I used simple Elmer’s glue to attach the envelope cutouts to the clothespin.


It’s just that easy! I’m going to mail my clothespin letter to George. I know it’s going to make him smile.

My Valentine’s Surprise

15 Feb

I want to wrap up my Valentine’s posts by giving a little recap into my big surprise for my boyfriend George. Over the past couple weeks I made two dozen Valentines, each with a cutesy little slogan on it (see here and here for previous posts on the Valentines). I decided I was going to stash these notes throughout my boyfriend’s apartment, so he could find them throughout the day.

wrapped up Valentines

I wrapped each one in plain newspaper. This was just in case George stumbled upon the note before I wanted him to find it—at least it wouldn’t all be given away! My plan was to have one Valentine for each hour, so I marked a time on each wrapped package. One evening early this week when he was out for a couple hours, I hid all 24 Valentines in places he was unlikely to look, and kept track of each hiding place.

tweeting Valentines hints

To give hints for each hour, I scheduled tweets on my new thriftyginger account. They started just after midnight on the 13th. To explain the whole situation, I gave a card to George on Wednesday night when we were hanging out. I wrote a sweet note about how I love him every minute of the day, but I wanted to show it every hour (aww…).

Georges Valentines on the table

I feel like a bit of a nutter when I tell people this master scheme for Valentine’s Day. Honestly, though, I’m just happy to show my significant other how much I care for him.

George says now he has to step up his game. I don’t do these kinds of things because I want him to reciprocate, but if that’s the outcome, that’s all right by me!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did you keep it low-key, or have master plans like me?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Happy valentines Day thrifty ginger

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, celebrating (or not) in whatever way you see fit.


Creative Way to Gift Your Keys

13 Feb

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a creative way to give my boyfriend a set of keys to my apartment. I searched online for ideas, but didn’t really find anything I liked. Some people suggested hiding the key in food, and one of my coworkers had the great idea of hiding the key in a piñata. I ultimately decided to go with nesting presents.

thoughtful gifting of apartment keys

I started out with a small jewelry box and glued on what I thought was the perfect quote for the occasion: “Come live in my heart, and pay no rent,” by Samuel Lover. My printer decided it just couldn’t print anything because it was out of cyan ink, so I hand-wrote the quote.

nesting boxes gift idea

Next I wrapped that box in a slightly larger one, and that box in a slightly larger one, and so on and so forth. I think I ended up with 4 nesting boxes.

George opening keys box

I’m not sure George knew what to expect when I presented him with a large box on a random day. He dutifully unwrapped each layer, laughing incredulously as each box revealed only more boxes. He obviously eventually got to the keys!

I’m glad I thought of a fun and thoughtful way to gift my apartment keys to my boyfriend. Do you have any other creative ways to give someone a spare key?

Cute Homemade Valentines

6 Feb

For Valentine’s Day I love to make cute little surprises for my friends and loved ones. Instead of expensive gifts or crazy dinners, I think Valentine’s Day is all about small signs of your love.

Today I bring you the first in a whole mess of Valentines that I’m making. I’ll reveal why I need so many different kinds later. For some of these I’ve also included a generic image to download if you want to print them off and make your own at home!

You rock pop rocks valentine

You rock, Valentine!
Pop rocks are so fun! This downloadable slogan is wrapped around the package and stapled.

bananas for you monkey valentine

monkey cutout pieces

Bananas for you
This monkey is actually quite simple to make. Just cut out the pieces as pictured and draw on his eyes, nose and mouth. The “I’m bananas for you” slogan works great with banana runts in a small favor bag.

 you make my heart bounce valentine

You make my heart bounce
A bouncy ball in a small favor bag makes this super simple. It’s a great alternative to candy for kids. Download the “you make my heart bounce” image here.

Youre the bomb rolo valentine

You’re the bomb
Three Rolos, along with a dark pipe cleaner make the “bomb” for this Valentine. I wrapped each Rolo in red paper and tied the whole thing together with another pipe cleaner. I used those sticky dots in the middle to help prevent shifting. This might be too expensive to mass-produce, but would be a sweet treat for your special hunny.

I chews you Valentine

I “chews” you
This is just a tube of cherry gumballs with my design tied around. Download it here.

you rule valentines

You rule!
Another non-candy Valentine is a ruler with this cute saying wrapped around. I used tape to keep the downloadable slogan wrapped around.

That’s all for today! I’ll have more easy Valentines later in the week, so check back!

Scrabble Valentine’s Art

30 Jan

George and I like to play Scrabble. We used to play Words With Friends on our smart phones all the time. I made him this cute piece of art out of Scrabble tiles for Christmas, but it would be a perfect Valentine’s DIY present.

Valentine's Scrabble Art

I bought individual scrabble tiles on etsy from Liberty Aspen. With shipping, the tiles were just over $5. I also purchased a shadow box to house the piece.

I hot glued the tiles onto cardstock. I wanted a border, so I glued a smaller black sheet onto a white page. The white page just sits in the frame. I was hustling to get the project done, so I’m sure you could think of a different presentation method.

If your names don’t have letters in common, you can also add other words to a little display such as: love, family, valentines, forever, etc.

I’ll have more Valentine’s projects coming up in the next couple weeks. Do you have any good ideas?

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